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The Facts on Calabria


fact one

Low cost flights from Stansted to Lamezia Terme have sparked off a long-awaited tourism boom in this captivating land. It's no wonder more and more tourists are discovering Calabria's secret:


Calabria gives you more sunshine and hot weather than any other Italian region!


fact two

In 2006, 20,000 UK tourists visited Calabria. In 2007, already the number of tourists from the UK alone soared to 80,000! The top four countries where Calabria gets its tourism are: Germany, Austria, France and the UK.


fact three

Calabria is no doubt becoming the number one hotspot for British holiday makers with the majority of them buying homes here. The growth potential of Calabria has generated tremendous interest in the property investment sector too. Locations along Calabrian coasts have already been earmarked by International property developers to build off-plan residential projects. Most developments are now in fact nearing their completion date.


Always seek independent legal advice if buying property and get documents translated into English!


As a new destination, Calabria is not ready for the high numbers of tourists so there is a need for bed and breakfasts and hotels etc. A good business opportunity for whoever wants to start a new venture in the sun!


fact four

GROWTH POTENTIAL - Calabria has been included in the EU’s 2007 - 2013 Cohesion Policy and is set to receive funding amounting to €430,249,377. Italy’s “South” must enlarge its transport infrastructure, reduce unemployment, improve town-planning management, create opportunities for companies to invest etc. Read exactly how Italy plans to invest the total EU funding of €28.8 billion.


fact five

Reggio Calabria has recently been recognised as the 10th Italian "Metropolitan Area" joining: Rome,  Turin, Milan, Venice, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Bari and Naples.


fact six

As the official sponsor of the Italian National Football team until 2010, the Calabria region has received  a considerable amount of funding to promote tourism.

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