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Car Insurance

Car insurance is displayed on windscreens in Italy, not car tax!


How does it work? 

The no claims bonus/risk category has a scale from 0 to 18: called classe di merito. If you are a first time driver you are placed at 14 and every year, having no accidents, you drop down to the next level (i.e. 13) and therefore pay less. If you put in a claim you go up two levels. In this case the first time driver would go up to 16. The maximum classe di merito is 18.

If you cancel your car insurance (for example if you leave Italy) you keep your classe di merito level for up to 5 years.Great news for those who have a low risk category; this means you don't have to start over again! If you decide to carry out your own searches you need to obtain all documentation relating to the property from the seller. This is the perfect time to ask if there is anything which may affect your decision to buy.

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