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Structural Investigations

Ask for all documents from the vendor and give them to the geometra.

It is essential that the documents show the following information which states the exact location of the property: comune, sezione, foglio, particella, subalterno. With this information the geometra checks the catasto (Land Registry) at the local Land Registry office known as Ufficio del Territorio and carries out a visura catastale.    


The geometra first verifies the details registered at the Land Registry concerning the: 

Categoria catastale: authorising the property as a dwelling.

Rendita catastale: declared land value

Scheda catastale (planimetria): plans of the building


With this search he checks that:

  • the property matches the Land registry definition
  • the property is built with planning permission and complies with all local planning, building and land registry regulations
  • extensions are approved and the relevant taxes have been paid
  • the owners selling the property are the legal owners at the land registry

He also carries out: 

  • a partial survey/valuation (valutazione) or
  • a full structural survey (perizia strutturale); a full assessment of the structural condition of the property

A geometra will also check if approval will be granted for any alterations you want to make to the property.


At the end of his investigations the geometra prepares a signed report on his findings. If you don't speak Italian seek professional help and ask for a translation. 


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