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 Caparra Penitenziale

Caparra Penitenziale

The buyer and the vendor agree that either party can pull out of the sale. With “caparra penitenziale” you cannot pursue the matter through the courts. You must accept that if the buyer decides not to go ahead with the purchase after signing the compromesso, the vendor keeps the deposit he was paid. Alternatively, if the vendor decides to pull out of the sale he must pay back double the deposit he had received at the signing of the compromesso. Always seek independent legal advice and get documents translated into English! Avoid surprises like having to pay outstanding debts on your new property. This can be avoided if all checks are carried out accurately!














If you discover that there are problems with the property you want to buy?

For legal problems you get your money back but if you simply change your mind you forfeit your deposit. If the vendor no longer wants to go ahead with the sale he has to pay back double the deposit.




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