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Making an Offer 

It is always best to obtain a survey or legal advice before committing yourself and signing anything


The OFFER (two stages): 

  1. Verbal offer.
  2. The Proposta Irrevocabile d’acquisto is a formal, legally binding offer which the buyer sends to the vendor. It can be via telegram or by registered post. This offer, if accepted, is legally binding and you state that you promise to buy the property under the conditions you have agreed to. This part of the buying process is optional. You risk losing your deposit if you pull out without a valid reason.

The Proposta Irrevocabile d’acquisto or "prenotazione" includes:

  • Personal details of the buyer and vendor
  • The price, description and price you are offering for the house
  • Deadline in which the vendor has to accept the offer
  • Payment dates, date and location of the future signing if the Rogito.
  • What will happen if the parties involved are in breach of contract
  • Contractual clauses (e.g. you can make an offer on condition that planning permission will be granted)
It is common but not obligatory to put down a deposit at this stage the deposit is held by the notary or the agency. This amount shall be given back in case the seller does not accept the offer.

The vendor must decline or accept the offer within the deadline.

The offer is revoked if the vendor doesn’t reply within the deadline.


Your offer is accepted:

Once the ‘proposta’ has been accepted the intention to buy becomes  legally bound.


The vendor has replied within the time stated in the Proposta Irrevocabile d’acquisto. What next?

The next stage in the buying process, IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY DONE SO, is to carry out a survey and searches on the property and vendor; the property owner. Checks take two to three weeks to carry out.

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