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What is it?

The Rogito Notarile is the final contract/deed of sale. By signing this you, the buyer, become the legal owner of the property.


Who writes the Rogito Notarile?

A public notary must draw up the Rogito Notarile after carrying out his investigations on the property and the vendor. He represents the Italian Government and only he can register the sale of the property at the Conservatoria dei Registri Immobiliari. Remember he is chosen and paid by the buyer.


Who is present at the signing?

  • The Public Notary
  • You, the buyer/ power of attorney
  • The vendor
  • An interpreter 

What should it contain?

The Rogito includes:

  • Date of sale
  • Description of the property
  • Name of seller and buyer
  • Declared value

What is the procedure?

The Rogito is read aloud by the notary and is then signed, in his presence, by both parties (buyer/power of attorney and seller). All pages and plans are signed. The Notary then countersigns the document and collects the fees due by the buyer.


Payments to seller and Public Notary (also see Expenses)

The buyer gives the seller the remaining balance of the agreed purchase price.


The Notary collects from the buyer:

        Registration fee (imposta di registro)

        Stamp Duty AND Land Registry Tax (imposta ipotecaria and

       imposta catastale)

         Notary fees


After the signing of the Rogito


The Notary registers the Rogito at the Conservatoria dei Registri Immobiliari within 21 days. It should be ready for you to collect after two/three months.


As the new owner of the property you have to change billing details with utility suppliers. Instead of disconnecting and setting up a new contract it costs less to change the name on the contracts. Make sure previous bills have been paid first!

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